Getting ready for France 😉
In two days I’ll be heading up to France by train, first visiting Paris with friends from Germany and then travelling south-east to Occitania. I’m excited – we will discover the Streetart-Festival of colors and some Museums, after that my next stop will be Toulouse to have a look at the streetart there and then I’ll do a house- and pet sitting for 6 days close to Narbonne in Marcel sur Aude. I want to improve my french and I’ve never tried out housesitting. If you have any tipps for Paris, Toulouse and Narbonne / Coast let me know!

As I’m taking my laptop with me I’m free to work while travelling, so if you want to relaunch your Website, pimp up your CI/CD or just have a online-coffee-chat feel free to contact me 😊

À bientôt Dani