Barcelona, young and wild
Barcelona, young and wild

Barcelona, young and wild

Nearly 30 degrees and the city is hot. Unbelievable how the people survive in summer, for me May with these temperatures was already a challenge. And Barcelona was full of people. Young, old, spanish, worldwide. It’s a melting pot of cultures and a mekka for tourists from all over the world. Corona is over, no masks, apart from public transport, thats it.

The hostels where packed with travellers from all over the world.

I lived in Clot and Raval. Clot I liked because it was calm and a lot of elderly people stayed there, having a chat on the streets, just sitting or playing boule. Raval was bubbly, very international, was wild a few years ago with lots of drug delicts and robberies and squats, now it got gentrificated and the police is at every corner.

The center is full of German and American Tourists, trying to catch the best Tapas or Cerveza. But the mass tourism is still a big problem in Barcelona – rents and generally the prizes for food and energy are rising so this makes it harder for the local people to find reasonable flats or jobs for a living. The gap between rich and poor is getting bigger and the climate change is really noticable in the city already. But everybody finds their spot. Barcelona is quite liberal in lifestyle and politics, this you notice in the atmosphere of the city.

I was doing some streetart at the tres xemeines skatepark which was great fun. And visited a sketchcrawl organised by the Urban Sketching Group in Barcelona which was also supernice.

Urbany Hostel
Pension San Ramon


Green Bikes

Streetartcities Barcelona
Urban Sketching Barcelona

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