The French like their channels – you find them everywhere in Longuedoc Roussilon. In Narbonne as well. The village is lovely, also very medieval, huge churche and Marie de village and the first city without nearly any streetart 😉 But therefore a very nice market hall and a busride to the ocean for only 1,20. And a supernice hostel  – Carpe Diem it’s called.

The Mediatheque is also very nice to cool down at hot summerdays. Or when you get an icecream and go to the marketplace to watch the people there.


Perpignan is very close to the spanish border and you can listen, feel and see the catalan influence. People sometimes even speak catalan or it sounds like it. It’s a very bubbly city, lots of medieval influence, the Palais the Mallorca and the Tower at the entrance of the city are remarkable. The food in the markethall is gorgeous, very international as well.

The small streets are lovely to walk through and there are lots of cafes and restaurants to hang around.


Carpe Diem Hostel, Narbonne
Auberge de Jeunesse, Perpignan


Local Bus
Flixbus from Perpignan to Barcelona, 15 Eur, 2 hours ride